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Activities Of Organization

The SamadhaQ _ foundation is doing activities for the betterment of the patient. The principle of our society is rendering services to the community in general of the society. In connection to this, various • programmes are conducted for the welfare of Drug/Alcohol addicts. These activities are as under:-

  • A regular visit by Doctor/physician for health checkups.
  • Treatment followed by session conducted for rehabilitation of mind and mental illness.
  • Yoga classes for strengthening of mind and body.
  • Sports activities with a view of attaining good health.
  • Organization group discussions and lecture for exchange of interactive ideas.
  • Festival celebrations , irrespective, caste, religion etc.
  • Meditation sessions for stabilization of mind and concentration .
  • Group discussions on spiritual disclosure.
  • Dance sessions with a view of entertainment and physical exercise.
  • The organization is also doing family counseling along with individual counseling.

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