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Prolong use of alcohol of drugs leads to loss of control and craving where the person begins to abuse that particulars substance hereby acquiring the label of Addict/Alcoholics Addiction can happen to any, regardless of the person's background, religion, caste, sex, income, profession or education, chemical dependency is a powerful force, It become increasingly difficult for Alcoholic or Addict to arrest the process by themselves . The good news is that recovery and healing from this dependency is possible .

Possible Sign of Addiction

The following are the sign that you need to look for:-
  • Withdraw from family and friends.
  • Does not finish what he/she starts.
  • Depressed .
  • Sleeping Schedule upside down.
  • Unreliable.
  • Isolate one self.
  • Dishonesty & telling lies frequently.
  • Steals.
  • Mood swing.

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