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It is a disease- a multiphase disorder that leads to dysfunctions of three area of a person's life, namely:-

  • Physical
  • Mental.
  • Spiritual
Thus treatment of this disease also lies in adopting a holistic approach simultaneously treating all the affected areas.


In our Rehabilitation centre we treat alcoholics/drug addicts with following symptoms:-
  • Craving: A strong need, or urge, for consuming alcohol & drugs.
  • Physical dependence: Not being able to take alcohol or drugs.
  • Withdrawal symptom: Withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating shakiness-, and anxiety after stop taking alcohol or drugs.
  • Tolerance: The need to take greater amount of alcohol/drugs to get "high".


Treatment and rehabilitation of Alcoholics/Drugs addicts continue to be top of our agenda. We at Samadhan Foundation offer 12 step recovery programme based on Alcoholic/Narcotics Anonymous, Which is an inpatient programme of variable length stay, according to the progress of the patient, in a group system. The method for the rehabilitation of the addict is through extensive use of individual and groups our counseling sessions, yoga, meditation, and games etc. with emphasis on hygiene and self-discipline._,_ -Peer group supports plays an important part in imbibing a positive value based system as well as providing identification to the addict who has for so long, been living in denial, delusion and isolation.

The rehabilitation programme is based on the therapeutic community plan. So Therefore we have a comprehensive programme that starts early morning at 7 AM and goes on till 10 PM in the night. This helps in diverting the mind as well as combating loneliness, which is a hallmark of an addict. At the end of clean days of drug/alcohol free living, the mental and emotional condition stabilizes so that clarity is the end result. In a very real sense, we help the addict grow up. We help him see him self better and realize that finally. Success in life in dependent upon the responsibility towards one self and others.

The centre is run with the help of staff (Para-professionals) who have extensive years of experience in active addiction and sobriety as well. Their experience with the recovery progress provides a real motivation to help other, who are helpless to help themselves.

We maintain an open door policy and are willing to assist anyone suffering from the diseases of Addiction/Alcoholism regardless of circumstances.

After The Treatment

That the biggest reason why th ntre has success. A reformed addict said after the treatment "My life is better now". I have everything now- family, money and happiness . I do not think that I need anything else in life and this is all because of the "Samadhan Foundation".

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