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Capability/Facility of the Organization


The centre of the organization is running in building 600 sq yards. The organization is well equipped with facilities to run the Drug rehabilitation centre for 50 to 60 patients. The organization is made our patients cure from Drug/Alcohol addiction during the habits of drug/alcohol using in their life.
Samadhan foundation offers a verity of facilities for addicts/alcoholics in various stages of Drug/Alcohol dependency:-

Pre-admission Counseling

This will help the addict to identify his problem, accept it and the need to undergo the treatment. These also prepare the addict mentally for the transition period.

Counseling centres

A person with addiction problem is referred to this centre by friends family, relatives, doctors etc. Some approach directly on their own. The specific problem is identified . Then follow the counseling and preparation for treatment as well as the assessing of motivation. Simultaneously there are counseling sessions conducted for the family of the patient. Finally, counseling and therapy sessions for follow up are charted out for extended care services.

Day Care Centre

Here, in a structured drug free atmosphere, patients are provided the required treatment and their families are provided with counseling.

After Care Centre

For chronic and long term Drug/Alcohol addict suffering from:-
  • Personality damage.
  • Behavioral problems.
  • Lack of adequate family support.

Family Counseling

In most of the cases the immediate family members will also be in distress due to the tremendous social, economical and psychological pressure. The family counseling sessions enables the family members to better understand the situation, cope up with that and act appropriately.

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