"Addiction is a disease not a moral weakness"

And there is cure to every disease. You are not weak because you fell into this trap but you are strong because you are making an effort to come out healthier.



The society is witnessing an exponential growth in the usage of alcohol these days. The statistics on the charts clearly hint that, with the introduction of alcohol, the mankind will slither towards their doomsday. And sadly the State can’t completely provide the means to curb the growth curve of alcoholism. Here comes the role of the private sector organizations and NGO’s to take the field by providing adequate support systems. When we profess, “retreat towards life”, we aren’t wrong you see. While the medical fraternity continues to hunt and fumble for reasons behind alcoholism, we at Samadhan pledge ourselves to be saviors for those who have already fallen into this vicious circle by extending alcoholism treatment for the ones in its dire need. It is quite imperative for alcoholics to remain away from alcohol, we help in achieving it through keeping the victims on a routine carefully curated for their betterment, covering not just meditation , yoga and relaxation activities but also good food served on a palate of love and intensive care.



We at Samadhan, celebrate life and believe in making all necessary efforts in encouraging those astray to embark on a journey of retreat towards life. India’s geographic location between two of the most illicit drug-producing hubs, makes it quite vulnerable to the issue of drug smuggling and trafficking as it serves as the country in transit. The more easily they are made available, the more harm it does to the society. We at Samadhan try to spread awareness and educate individuals about drug addiction, drug abuse and their ill effects. We also deal with the addicts through elaborate programs of dedicated motivational counselling, treatments, regular follow-ups and social re-integrations of those who won their battle against drug addiction. We strive hard to put in efforts to prevent addicted people from compulsive seeking and usage of drugs. We at Samadhan stand strong in the war of India against drugs. .



Alcoholism, drug and substance addiction and abuse not just adversely affect the addicts but also lead to a phycological trauma for the family and friends of those under the influence of such substance. Some family might also fall prey to physical violence leading to mental unrest. We strongly believe that such families must also be given a chance so that they can retreat towards a happier lifestyle. We provide counselling to such families, help them overcome the trauma they sadly were subjected to. Also, motivational counselling to them complimented by proper education about de-addiction, help them take better care of the addicts trying to let go of their addiction.



Substance abuse is quite a critical concern in the India, across various segments of our society and it somehow affects so many families, either directly or indirectly. It is critical that we implement strategies that can minimize such a growth. Samadhan provides substance abuse counselling that aids in reducing some of the adverse effects of substance abuse. Substance abuse can either be substance related or substance induced and we at Samadhan believe that is quite imperative to understand the root cause in order to provide relevant counselling. Proper motivational counselling, in addition to administered treatment, proper food and nutrition, care and enough support can work wonders and help us achieve our very moto, “retreat towards life”.



Residential rehabilitation extended by Samadhan aims at providing sophisticated evidence-based treatment that catalyzes a holistic healing. The sole purpose of residential rehabilitation services is to provide addicts who have very particular functional deficit, with stable and safe living habitat so that they can speed up their recovery process. The primary goal of residential rehabilitation treatment is to promote complete abstinence from substance use and various antisocial behavior thereby facilitating noticeable change in the lifestyle and attitude of such patients. Individuals who are usually admitted into residential rehabilitation programs typically project anti-social behavior, abusive, non-supportive relationship with peers, sometimes criminal and phycological problem and mental disorders. They demand extensive care and support and we at Samadhan are quite committed to improve their lifestyle and give them a new life that they can make the most out of. After all everyone deserves to a life where they are not crippled by usage of drugs and alcohol.